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Parents Comments
"Always an excellent service and great feedback about my daughter's day."
"She was a fussy eater but now will try most things."
"Really happy with the food, great variety, I know he enjoys all his meals."
"I am happy to know my child is happy."
"They're doing a wonderful job."
"She has progressed so much since starting nursery, really come out of her shell, very happy with her progress.."
"She is always happy to attend nursery and really enjoys her time here. Staff always communicate and are very helpful."
"Always set up with lots to do, never seen any of the children with nothing to do."
"I have used Derwent Stepping Stones with all four of the children and would recommend to others."
"We are very impressed by the encouragement and development by Natalie and Jacky. They have been there from day one. The deputy manager, Jenny, has been very supportive to both of us."
"She looks forward to nursery;it is a very happy and comfortable environment. Staff are very pleasant."
"In the last couple months, his speech has improved, so thank you for this."
"He is always cared for very well. He is an affectionate child and always receives cuddles. The staff are also firm when they need to be."
"My child has progressed so much since starting nursery, she has really come out of her shell and I am very happy with her progress" - Parents Feedback December 2015."
"My child looks forward to nursery, it is a very happy and comfortable environment for her and the staff are very pleasant." - Parents Feedback December 2015."
"I sometimes feel as a working mum I'm missing out on teaching my children new things, but it makes me truly thankful that the staff taking care of my girls are teaching them new things each and every day. They love going there. They have been sewing today and they can tell me the difference between an author and an illustrator...amazed and very proud! Thank you Derwent Stepping Stones." - Parents Feedback May 2015"
"Always an excellent service and great feedback about my daughter's day."
Children were asked 'what are the good things about your days at nursery?'
"I can see all of my friends and play with them."
"I enjoy playing with Lego, jigsaw, playing outside and my friends."
"The yummy food."
"Playing with play dough and playing outside."
"Sand, painting and playing with my friends."
"Meeting new friends."